Bulkhead Blind Tank Fitting -- The Original

Need to tap into one of your fluid tanks but can't get to the inside to use a traditional bulkhead tank fitting (i.e. inside nut needs to be screwed on from the inside of the tank). No worries, USI-RV has a solution for you. The USI-RV designed Bulkhead Blind Tank Fitting installs in less then 5 minutes providing a mechanically solid, liquid tight connection to your tank. Simply drill a 1" hole-saw hole into your tank, insert the fitting, tighten the engagement nut and your done. The standard 3/8" NPT end allows attachment of the 1/2" barb fitting (supplied) or other fittings of your choice. Fitting has a 7/16" ID. The BBTF is machined from solid 360 brass and utilizes a flexible PVC sealing grommet (not designed for flammable liquids or potable water). Note: This is the original product ordering page. This product is identical to TSK-BBTF-038L. Due to new size and configurations being available the product numbers have been updated.

Save time, frustration, and money with USI-RV's Bulkhead Blind Tank Fitting ™ 

Note:  Multiple sizes are now available here.

Note: As of December 2021 the 3/8 BBTF are currently out-of-stock, Please move to the next size up here:  Bulkhead Blind Tank Fitting - Unique Solutions Inc RV Products (usi-rv.com)



Bulkhead Blind Tank Fitting    --    The Original
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